The will as a phenomenon: the world is dependent of my will - Guilherme Ghisoni

Wittgenstein, in the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, draws the distinction between the "will in so far it is the subject of ethical attributes” and the "will as a phenomenon". The first case is concerned with the will of the metaphysical subject, situated as a limit of the world. This is the subject that contemplates the totality of the facts. Those facts are independent of his will.

In this work I dedicate myself to the "will as a phenomenon". This is the will of the empirical subject – studied by psychology. This empirical volition of the empirical subject is part of the contingent facts of the world.

From a single point of light, using long multiple exposures, plus camera movements, focus, blur and colored filters, I surrender myself to the megalomaniacal utopic exercise of creating worlds - my imaginary landscapes.

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