Thinking the world for you - Guilherme Ghisoni

My current philosophical research is about the logical role of photographs in contexts of demonstrative identification. The study of vision theories led me to research the use of artificial intelligence for image recognition. I was surprised to find out that all photos on social media and search engines like Google go through artificial intelligence software for visual description and tagging. These descriptions and tags are used to determine, for each profile (based on what we visit, buy, read etc), what should appear to us (links, products, people, news etc). This is very dangerous politically. When we are surrounded only by things we agree with and like-minded people, we are prone to radicalization and isolation. This process is called "digital solipsism". (I think this process of digital isolation plays an important role in the current growth of far-right politics in the world).

My idea in this new series is to make visible the artificial inteligence identification and tagging processes that are used today. It is this identification through artificial intelligence that determines which elements of the world will be shown to us when we relate to the world digitally.

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