In this work I explore corrupted digital files.

In a not so distant future, when our present becomes past, what will be left of our digital culture will be corrupted digital files. The inevitable deterioration of storage media and storage costs will lead to the degradation of these files. Our present will then be an anachronistic reconstruction from the digital fragments we have left.

This idea serves me as an analogy, to think about the time in which we live. We still do not understand the consequences of the digital revolution we have witnessed in recent decades and our current dependence on the digital world. Real and virtual are now parts of a huge extended reality. We are all connected in this reality and subject to manipulation by those who write the algorithms of this new world or hold the power to manipulate information in a massive way. To understand those dangers is still an ongoing job.

In this photographic work I seek to visually express what will remain of my present.

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