In this work, intitled "Real Numbers," I initiate a new series, in which I try to express visually relations of proportion between indexes and percentages, which are part of the sad Brazilian reality.

For this purpose, in some pictures, I compare Brazil with other countries (in particular, developed countries), and in others, different numbers of the Brazilian population with each other (especially the black and white populations).

Most of the essay is composed of diptychs.

From the photographic point of view, the images are created through multiple exposures, using a single small light source. The lines are obtained by moving the camera on a tripod with the diaphragm open. Dots and circles differ as to the degree of blur of the light source. The blur also controls the thickness of the lines. The different colors are obtained through the use of different lights. In the composition, the elements are arranged by random sequences of numbers, which determine the position of the lines and dots.

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