In this series, I explore the interaction with randomness, as a metaphor for the indeterminacy of the time in which we live. I use random sequences of numbers to construct the images, through multiple exposures of a single point of light in the dark. The random sequences determine whether the exposure will be a point or a line, the position of the point or line, the degree of blur (which allows the control of the width of the lines and the diameter of the circles) and the color. The lines are obtained through the movement of the camera in long exposures.

The interaction with randomness occurs in the composition in the way, after each exposure determined randomly, I introduce an element chosen by me - alternating randomness and choice. The indeterminacy is present throughout the composition, because the role that the elements chosen by me play in the composition changes with the insertion of new future random elements.

The visual metaphor explored is the idea that our present choices will be altered by future random elements, which will lead us to make new choices that will undergo new changes - life as the constant interaction with randomness. The composition progresses until I am in a position where I can no longer make choices. This work is composed of the resulting image and the video of the movements that make up the image.

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