Living Time results from reflections on time and the temporal structure of consciousness. I believe that time is the most important theme of all philosophy. One important aspect of the study on time, which have occupied me since my doctorate, is the determination of how the conscious experience is temporally ordered. Consciousness is never temporally atomized, but it expands into the past through memories and into the future through expectations. Thus, consciousness has a tripartite temporal structure, which articulates the retention of the past, the present sensations, and the protension of the future. Unlike physical time, in which the instant is conceived as an infinitely divisible mathematical instant, in conscious experience there is a flow of duration in which memory, sensation, and expectation are united.

In metaphorical terms, it is as if consciousness would always articulate three images. This metaphor led me to explore the overlapping of three photographic images (which are always successive experiences), in order to express the living duration of consciousness. The time of consciousness is not the mathematical instant, nor the photographic cut infinitely divisible, but it is what unites different instants, making them parts of the same time. Thus, in the terms of the metaphor, Living Time is the duration resulting from the union of three moments.

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